Do you have high-quality, temperature-sensitive products? Legal requirements or customers who demand complete, uninterrupted traceability and process monitoring? In many companies and industries, whether pharmaceutical, health care, chemical, food, plant or electronic, the requirements for temperature monitoring of thermolabile goods exist and will become even more relevant in the future due to legal requirements for quality assurance.

Wireless Intelligent Logistics – a Bluetooth 5 technology with integrated software

Wireless Intelligent Logistics, or WIL for short, is the consistent further development of RFID technology based on Bluetooth 5 in combination with mobile consumer technology. Expensive, immobile infrastructures such as RFID gates are a thing of the past. Wireless Intelligent Logistics is a combination of intelligent hardware combined with process-adapted software, middleware, open interfaces for all IoT platforms and integrated into customer systems. WIL is tailored for products, loading equipment management and for processes in production and logistics and can be easily adapted to the individual process. The WIL middleware can be operated as a service from the CTC cloud, as an on-premise installation in your data centre or as a hybrid installation at your IT partner.

High range even in difficult environments

WIL monitors and documents the location and condition of products and special load carriers, inside and outside companies, throughout the entire logistics and cold chain process to the customer, based on temperature, vibration and light sensors. The WIL technology is ideally suited for closed circuits and can be used in all mobile environments. WIL easily penetrates difficult materials such as water and metals.

Integration capability in ERP and IoT systems

Take the step with us into an intelligent process monitoring of your digital cold chain, process-optimized, automated and integrated into your IT systems with interfaces to all IoT systems, such as IBM Watson IoT, SAP Hana CP, Cumulocity IoT, and based on intuitive app interfaces with consumer technology infrastructure for your process participants and customers. WIL integrates with digital IoT platforms, collects and delivers the data basis for new flows of goods, knowledge and values.

Documents all measured values of the cold chain

For temperature-sensitive goods, such as food, drugs or other high-value products in the clinical/pharmaceutical sector, seamless adherence to the cold chain is a decisive quality feature. Our intelligent WIL module, with WIL-Gates in combination with WIL-Middleware digital, without manual scanning processes, delivers a fast and easy proof of the guarantee of prescribed temperature values within a defined period throughout the entire logistics chain into your systems.

Proof and digital transfer of cold chain data

In temperature-controlled logistics chains, there are many places where the cargo temperature can change unintentionally. Depending on the product, even a short deviation from the specified temperature range is sufficient to spoil the product, reduce its quality or shorten its shelf life. There are therefore defined temperature ranges for foodstuffs, medical devices and some cosmetics and chemical products which must be observed during storage and transport. By using Wireless Intelligent Logistics technology, you not only achieve a seamless and continuous cold chain monitoring, but also realize enormous time savings and cost reductions through optimized processes and improvements in quality assurance. Temperature-controlled logistics chains can be seamlessly monitored with WIL and documented in an audit-proof manner with a PDF/A report.

Documentation of the transfer of risk and audit-proof archiving

With its complementary CTC smartphone app, WIL acts as a digital key for authentication and transmission of data such as service books, delivery notes, customs documents, findings and invoices. The intelligent WIL modules record, store and document temperature curves during the individual process steps in production and logistics. Risk transfers, events and product states are transferred seamlessly for later reporting and possible verification in customer systems, ERP and IoT systems. The necessary documents in PDF/A format can be generated and permanently saved in the CTC web portal at the push of a button. This data and documents can be used for recourse claims regarding the allocation of cooling faults during transport or interim storage as part of a proof of evidence. Participants and recipients always digitally confirm the status of the goods and the transfer of risk. Incoming and outgoing goods processes can be fully automated with WIL technology, and booking and ordering processes can be digitized. Recipients and end customers can use the app and the web portal to access and track data and temperature curves with an authorization concept without cost-intensive readout devices. Wireless Intelligent Logistics meets compliance requirements and provides continuous transparency with temperature curves at critical handling points and risk transfers within the refrigeration and logistics chain. In this way, quality assurance regulations such as HACCP/GMP, GCCMP or FDA 21 CFR Part 11 can be complied with. The automatic and continuous storage of the product temperature in an individually selectable time interval is documented in a tamper-proof and audit-proof manner.

Automation and proactive event reporting – when products manage themselves

By means of the WIL gate hardware, not only can the direction of passage be recognized and an automated posting in the ERP be made, but temperature exceedances can also be read out and reported to the person responsible for the process as an event. Returns and subsequent deliveries can be initiated automatically. Rooms can be equipped as receivers with WIL gates for automated receiver recognition. Persons can also use smartphones and the WIL app to perform gate, reporting and confirmation functions on the move. Thus, by automatically reading out temperature values at defined locations, e.g. truck or warehouse gate, the limit assessment can be carried out quickly and clearly, documented and a new process can be initiated. The event message is accordingly displayed as an alarm, visually indicated to the process owner by a flashing WIL module, reported on the smartphone app and additionally visualized in the web portal to the sender and recipient. Dispatch units that show a deviation from the permitted temperature range can be rejected without being opened.

Damage limitation is at the forefront of early, proactive event reporting in order to protect high-quality and sensitive products by timely intervention and action. The correct allocation of a shipping unit or a product to an authorized recipient, with confirmation of receipt, can also be automated and carried out by a visual signal (LED signal).

Logistik Transparenz

In addition to cold chain and product monitoring with process optimization by eliminating manual scanning processes, WIL creates greater transparency and automation in product and container management, both in production and for stocks in the supply chain and at suppliers. In this way, WIL creates maximum transparency of stocks, ensures availability for production and reduces delays caused by container shortages.

A new standard in digital cold chain monitoring

Wireless Intelligent Logistics is the intelligent combination of physical material flow with digital information flow. WIL is assigned to transport objects and monitors, documents, calculates decision values for reporting transport damages, communicates by radio even in difficult material environments such as metals, refrigerators and water, replaces manual scanning processes and is integrated into the customer infrastructure for process optimization. Products and shipping units can be seamlessly monitored for temperature differences and shocks, transfers of risk can be documented and it can be determined when a part has physically separated from the shipping unit. Communication with smartphones, tablets and the server installation, middleware, is possible without expensive new infrastructure.

WIL Logo

Cyber Transport Control GmbH – Cooperation with renowned IT partners

Cyber Transport Control GmbH is not only a hardware supplier but also offers an integrated complete solution with system integration of CTC middleware and app software, which can be seamlessly integrated into customer systems, IoT systems and IoT platforms. The professional and well-known integration partners of Cyber Transport Control GmbH such as IBM, SVA and A1 Digital integrate the Wireless Intelligent Logistics technology into your system landscape without media discontinuity and make your digitization project of seamless cold chain monitoring a success.

We make the cold chain smart…