Automates and documents freight according to your quality guidelines.

Future technology for transport monitoring and automation

The WIL system automates, monitors, controls and provides data

Digitization and sensors

Get detailed information about the shipment and its condition


Reduce the number of manual booking and scanning operations


WIL eliminates the need for manual handling of loggers

The digital twin automates, digitizes and is blockchain capable

An interplay of integrated IoT platform, business processes and hardware

WIL takes transport monitoring and logistics process automation to a new level

The WIL system automates transport monitoring, supports process control and provides data on the supply chain and the condition of the goods


Temperature measurement

Sensor for vibration

Light sensor

Integrated LED for signals


NFC: Near field communication


IoT platform for collecting, sharing and analyzing data. App for mobile use.

Business processes

Integrates into existing processes. Automates, monitors, controls and digitizes processes.


Intelligent hardware ensures autonomous decisions through IoT modules with processor and sensors as well as automation gates


Integrates with enterprise software, uses industry standards. Technology open for hardware from other manufacturers.

How does WIL work?


One component of our system is a 28×12 mm small module, which is equipped with a microcomputer, radio technology and sensors.  This module accompanies your cargo – lying loosely on the shipment or firmly attached to the container. Any information about the freight as well as documents can be stored contactless encrypted on the module and then read out again at any time by authorized process participants.


During transport, the sensor technology integrated into the module ensures that temperature fluctuations, vibrations or light incidence are registered and documented with a time stamp. At the same time, the WIL smartphone app and our automation gates ensure access to the module’s data as well as the location of your goods at any point in the logistics chain.


Both the previously stored data as well as the continuously determined data can be retrieved contactless at any time. Due to the “intelligence” of the module, the data generated by the sensor technology is also continuously evaluated and interpreted, so that warnings can be issued in the event of previously defined scenarios (cargo is getting too warm, cargo has been severely shaken, …). An LED mounted on the module can give signals in the event of previously defined events – as a warning function or to facilitate location / identification.

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    WIL follows your goods

    Transparency, monitoring and autonomous decision-making through intelligent systems


    Incorrect handling of your delivery can damage it. By using WIL, damage can be prevented through permanent monitoring and the triggering of warnings through quick intervention – or triggers for damage (heat, vibration, …) can be documented for the liability case.


    For sensitive and expensive pharmaceutical products, it is not only important for financial reasons that the transport is monitored and documented. Adhering to cold chains or ensuring vibration-free transport can save lives! Seamless monitoring of the supply chain is an important component of quality assurance and secures you the trust of partners and patients.


    Donor organs and laboratory samples such as blood samples are highly sensitive products for which strict quality guidelines must be adhered to. WIL provides intelligent support in meeting the right delivery date, reliably locating the right recipient and monitoring the proper handling of the valuable cargo all processes reliably documented. In addition, WIL can provide information about the product and the patient and can be connected to an existing digital infrastructure in clinics and other facilities.


    With a large number of fresh food products, on-time delivery and proper handling of the goods are of elementary importance.

    WIL supports the entire food distribution process – from taking the order, assisting in the selection of the right goods (picking) and ensuring adequate transport conditions, to support in confirming the handover and documenting the process.

    WIL not only simplifies processes in wholesale. The ability for retail customers to track supply chains and transport conditions increases consumer confidence in the quality of products and thus lowers the inhibition threshold for having heat-sensitive foods delivered, for example.


    Mechanical engineering made in Germany has earned an excellent reputation worldwide. However, it is essential that, for example, calibrated precision machines reach the customer in the outstanding quality in which they left production. WIL monitors and documents the delivery as well as events along the way reliably and in detail all the way to the recipient. Through the system’s ability to identify storage locations, WIL supports the search for spare parts. In addition, the system provides data that gives indications of service life, maintenance intervals and other factors.

    Building Safety & Construction

    Large financial losses are caused by late deliveries and defective material. Damage can be avoided and insured by improving the monitoring process.

    Evacuation systems in buildings and sections save human lives.

    We provide the data for this!

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